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How These 10 Fund Managers Are Uniquely Preparing For A Recession

(In Their Funds, Their Businesses, And Their Personal Lives)

Begins Thursday @ 1pm EST


All 10 Presenters Either Run A $10m-$2b Fund, Or A $10m+ Business

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Bridger Pennington

Founder Of Ugly Unicorn Fund
CEO of Fund Launch

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Pace Morby

Host of A&E's "Triple Digit Flip"
Expert In Creative Deal Financing


Founder of Wake-Up Warrior
8-Figure Entrepreneur

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David Yeow

Former Pharmacist
Launched A $10M Hedge Fund

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Ryan Miller

Expert Capital Raiser
$50M VC Fund

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Koloa Wolfgramm

Acquired $300M Of Hotels In Just 18 MONTHS!

Veena Jetti

$300M AUM | Raised $50m In 8 Weeks As A Full-Time Mother

George Chanos

Former Nevada Attorney General

Lincoln Archibald

Scaled Clients To $2B+ AUM
Co-Founder of BCCP


The Internet's Most Famous Fund
Onboarding $1m-$3m/day

Sean Whalen

Founder Of Lion's Not Sheep, And World Class Speaker

Vusi Thembekwayo

Africa's 1 Venture Capitalist 
Over $200mm AUM

Mia Love

Former Congresswoman

fortune 500 company board member

Jason Hartman

Real Estate Expert & Economist

CEO of Empowered Investor

Dan Young

Founder of Xidax & PC LaptopsCrypto Expert

Mason Vranes

IFS Co-Founder
Marketing Expert

John Karony

CEO of Safemoon
Top Crypto Project

Ryan Pineda

Money Game Expert
Multiple 8-Figure Companies

Sarah Sullivan

Founder of SuGo Capital
$260M AUM

Tim Ballard

Founder of Operation Underground Railroad

Roland Frasier

M&A ExpertSold Over 24 Businesses

Getting quality information is hard these days. 

On Twitter, everyone and their Grandma has become an economist...

Or you can watch a big news outlet, but you never know if they have hidden motives or not...

It's rare to plug into legit reputable source with no hidden agenda.

Which is why this Thursday, we're having 10 Fund Launch LIVE speakers come on live to share their thoughts and intel. 

These speakers collectively manage north of a billion AUM...

So you can trust that they have good sources and lots on the line to make the right choices. 

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