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How I Use Events To Raise 80% Of My Capital While Growing My Investor Network 10 Fold

(Works even if you don't have a big network, strong brand or any speaking skills)

Begins Thursday @ 1pm EST

3Days 05Hours 25Minutes 15Seconds

Do you ever feel like you have to scratch and claw for investors?

What... they came to you instead of you coming to them?

Learn this week how i:

• I immediately get established as a credible authority

• it gets my network... and their investors... and their investors friends... all in one place

• It's low pressure and FUN to be apart of for everyone (major key)

A lot of people I know struggle to raise because they feel like used car salesmen.

And when your product is as premium and great as a fund...

Then the investor experience needs to feel the same way!

The 1 Thing That Solves Most Business Problems Is
More Capital.

It solves Scale, Economic Downturns, Opportunity, Speed, Hiring, Your Ceiling, And more...

So join me thursday as I dive deep into how To A Launch fund that Can Scale your entire vision Despite The Economic Conditions 🚀

Lead By: Bridger Pennington

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CEO of Fund Launch
Founder of 3 Funds

CEO of Fund Launch
Founder of 3 Funds

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Over 30,000 Students World-Wide

Responsible For Launching Hundreds Of Funds

Featured in Bloomberg & Other Publications

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