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Why Mr. Beast Launched A Fund

Wednesday, January 04, 2023


Did you know that YouTubers are beginning to launch funds to scale up their businesses?

The most notable person is Mr. Beast.

Mr. Beast has the largest YouTube channel in the world, and is someone who has truly mastered video...

As I write this, Mr. Beast has over 126 MILLION subscribers...

But he's not just a content creator. He also has his own fast food chain, chocolate brand, and more...

All built from the core brand he built.

And now he launched his own fund that invests into up-and-coming creators.

Leveraging his strategic edge (his powerful brand with infinite attention & strong track record) he likely has unlimited deal flow and capital he can raise.


Similar to a shark-tank model, the creators work hand-in-hand with him as he helpes them

• Monetize their brand (something most are bad at)
• Get tons of recognition
• Scale

And eventually... exit.

Wait... exit from a YouTube channel?

Yes. Just last month, Mr. Beast got an offer for $1B to sell his channel.



The way I think about it, Mr. Beast makes tons of money because he knows how to generate tons of attention.

The real currency his brand operates off of is ATTENTION, which he has learned to convert into dollars and scale...

Add on a fund to his madness, and it's scary what his ceiling is...


As you look into your skill sets...

What's the 'currency' you've mastered that converts into dollars?

Or -- one that you can learn?

Lots of fund managers have mastered $ itself...

Mr. Beast mastered attention through video...

Ans there are infinite ways to skin a cat.

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Bridger Pennington

CEO Of Fund Launch



Proximity is Power, and nothing comes close to the magnitude of Fund Launch Live

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