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Over $2.72B+

Reported Client AUM**

*As of 10/24/2023



Over $2.72B+

Reported Client AUM**

*As of 10/24/2023

Launching A Fund Has Never Been Easier.

No Wall Street Experience Or Ivy League Degree Required

With our comprehensive Fund Launch Academy, learn all the necessary steps for launching your own fund.

From Real Estate, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, and a framework that works for almost all alternative asset classes.

Full-Suite Services

If you want a more hands-on experience, you can join over 400 active members in Black Card. 

This includes: 1v1 coaching | high-level events in places like Hawaii, Cancun, Utah | Full legal set-up for your LPA & PPM | Pitch deck design

The Biggest Fund Manager Community On Earth

If you want to be around more people in this game, who are actively managing assets, investing, and more...

This is the place. 

Here's What Some Clients Are Doing...*

Dana Cornell | $65M Real Estate Fund

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Before joining Fund Launch, Dana was working in the wealth management industry dealing with alternative investments, where he eventually left his job and began doing syndications.

After joining, Dana has raised $65M with an additional $20M in commitments for his Real Estate fund. He also has $500M in commitments for his 2nd fund, which is currently under legal review. 

George Ekins | $100M Private Equity Fund

Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 11 50 26 AM png

George Ekins, is the co-founder of American Dream Fund and a $100M Private Equity fund.

He joined Fund Launch to help learn how to raise capital domestically for the next fund he is going to be launching.

George said that the best part about Fund Launch has been the live coaching calls, the access to other fund managers who can help through issues that he is having with his fund, and the coaching he's received to help navigate the early process of structuring and launching a fund.

*We guarantee no results. AUM numbers are as reported by client. These are non-paid testimonials

Fund Launch Products

Get Customized Help Based On Your Needs

Just Starting Out?

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Fund Launch Accelerator

The perfect introductory course. 

If you're not sure what a fund is or how it could work for you (or if you just want to learn more) then this course covers the entire foundation. 

With over 20 videos, pitch deck example templates and more

$97 $0

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Fund Launch LIVE 2024

Fund Launch LIVE is our premier event, and is the single most impactful 3 days we could throw for you. 

Not only is this the largest emerging manager in the world, but it's packed with all types of people...

• Advanced Fund Managers with billions under management
• Newbies, who are looking to get started
• Real Estate people
• PE/VC people
• Hedge Fund Managers, traders, crypto, etc.
• Alternative assets
• And any business owner looking to scale

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Case Studies + Breakdowns

If you're simply looking to see what is possible with a fund, then this is a great place to start.

Packed with case studies from all different types of industries, the unique strategies, and more

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Wall St. Rebel Insider Membership

The ultimate finance community 🚀

This products mission is to help you:

• Build A Track Record
• Do More Deals
• Launch Syndications
• Launch Funds

Access premium courses like "Your First Deal" and "Capital Games Playbook" absolutely free when you start your free trial.

700+ emerging fund managers are waiting to meet you.

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Fund Launch Marketplace

Explore potential investment oportunities 

Discover the all-in-one solution for raising capital, connecting with investors, and make a lasting impact in the investment world. 

Create a free account to access:

• Unparalleled Access to Investors
• Streamlined Fundraising
• Expert Guidance and Support
• Robust Analytics and Reporting
• Enhanced Visibility and Branding
• Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Ready To Go?

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Fund Academy

The Fund Academy (previously known as the Mastermind) is a full length premier educational experience.

You will find over 220+ videos of intensive training on finding and structuring deals, raising capital, the legal process, and more to help you successfully launch your fund.

Many of our success stories went through the Fund Academy before launching their fund.

Black-Card-Final-1- png

Black Card

Black Card is our highest level program. With a year of intensive 1v1 coaching, calls with lawyers, free pitch decks, access to investor data, legal work (LPA & PPM), 3 amazing private events, and more...

This is truly the fastest path to getting your fund off the ground, as you work hand-in-hand with my team.

In Scale Mode?

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Whale Group

Whale Group is our highest level group. To join, your fund must have a MINIMUM of $10M AUM, or you run a business that does at least $10M in sales per year.

Aside from the high-level people you'll have access to, in Whale Group we go on incredible retreats. 

From staying in Winter Cabin Mansions to ski, ride helicopters, snowmobile, and mastermind all day...

To Alaskan Fishing Retreats...

To Private Coves in exotic tropical locations...

And more.

*Application Only

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Fund Launch Partners

Want us to partner with you on your fund?

Unlock top-tier consulting guidance and strategic support...

...from experts who've already raised and deployed millions of dollars.

Big players play bigger with Fund Launch Partners.

When you partner with us, you gain access to invaluable expertise and resources that can skyrocket your fund's growth.

Partner with us to help you take your fund to the next level.

*Application Only

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